Starting a Pleasanton Tow Truck Company

Do you love the idea of starting a towing service but do not even know the T of towing? Well, there is no need to worry. Running a truck towing service today is a wonderful idea with a decent income if you are prepared to work hard. With the numbers of automobiles increasing at a frantic pace, starting a tow truck company is a good investment guaranteeing high returns. Here is a guide on how to get started with your own Madrid tow truck company. This is very similar to what is needed to be setup to run a Pleasanton tow truck company.

Learn a Little Bit about the Mechanics

As a tow truck operator, you are not required to repair and drive the automobiles that you are towing. However, there are situations where this knowledge of mechanics comes to your rescue and makes your job easier. So it is a good idea to become a part-time mechanic to improve your chances of success as the owner of a tow truck business.

Choose the Kind of Service you will offer

The tow truck business is of two types. The first one is retail or consensual towing, where you offer assistance to a customer whose automobile has broken down and needs to be towed away from the roadside. Nonconsensual towing refers to service provided to government agencies that require the moving of illegally parked vehicles. You get a lot of work working for law enforcement agencies, but you also come across belligerent owners who create ugly situations. You may face a lot of court cases in nonconsensual towing. On the other hand, retail towing earns your love and appreciation of the worried owners facing trouble because of accidents or vehicles’ breakdown. If customer experience and reaction do not bother you, it is always more profitable to run a retail tow truck business. 

Arrange Capital and Buy Equipment

Starting a tow truck business requires buying a flatbed truck or a rear hook truck. You can accommodate even severely damaged automobiles in a flatbed towing truck, but if you are getting a rear hook truck at a very attractive price, it is not a bad idea to start your tow truck company with a rear hook truck.  

In addition to the truck, you will also need to find a place where you can park impounded vehicles. It should be a secure parking place where you can keep the lifted vehicles for several days until they are taken back by their owners. 

Advertise your Tow Truck Business to get Customers

You are not going to get customers by simply setting up a tow truck company. You need to tell potential clients about your business and the services offered. Tell them you offer better quality services at affordable prices to secure business from them. You can rely on traditional advertising methods like yellow pages and billboards or invest in a website to catch your customers’ attention. You can also use social media to spread the word about your tow truck company. Reach out to garages and workshops that are called up by customers in times of a breakdown. 

If you plan your business well and offer quality services at reasonable prices, there is no reason why your tow truck business should not become successful.